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New Gmail image server proxies raise security risks

While Gmail's new policy of automatically loading images by default may have some people excited, it comes at a security sacrifice.

By Dec. 12, 2013


NASA sounds the alarm on fire risks of climate change

The space agency releases an animation that dramatically shows how the risk of fire may increase in North America throughout the century.

By Aug. 10, 2013


Rocket scientist tells hackers to take big risks

Brian Muirhead of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab tells security professionals at Black Hat that failure is not an option when taking big risks, but offers tips on avoiding it.

By Aug. 2, 2013


Wi-Fi routers: More security risks than ever

The research team that discovered significant security holes in more than a dozen home Wi-Fi routers adds more devices to that list at Defcon 21.

By Aug. 3, 2013


Should malware risks factor into the iPhone vs. Android debate?

In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon offers advice about whether the risk of malware should factor into a reader's decision about which smartphone OS to buy.

By Dec. 7, 2012


Legal, regulatory risks keep firms from sharing cyber threat data

A new report suggests that companies should be protected from threat of lawsuit or regulation enforcement if they are sharing cyber security threat information with the government.

By Jul. 19, 2012


Lexus vows to take some design risks

Automotive News reports on the future of Lexus design, and how the company will use more extreme styling on its models.

By Sep. 15, 2011


Web Sockets and the risks of unfinished standards

Browser makers are excited about a new technology called Web Sockets, but some are scrambling after an early version raised a security problem.

By Dec. 10, 2010


This Day in Tech: Risks of a hyper-personalized Web

Too busy to keep up with the tech news? Here are some of the more interesting stories from CNET for Tuesday, May 17.

By May. 17, 2011


Amazon's cloud risks war with labels, studios

Some movie studios and music labels say they aren't clear on how Amazon intends to license their content for its new services.

By Mar. 29, 2011