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AMD's SSE5 ends the old RISC vs. CISC debate

Prompted by the chipmaker's announcement of the SSE5 instruction-set extensions, Glaskowsky analyzes the ultimate outcome to this old controversy.

By August 31, 2007


Hummingbird vs Snapdragon: Rumble in the processor jungle

Hummingbird and Snapdragon are the innocuous nicknames of two powerful beasts -- the processors that power the hottest new smart phones. But what's the difference, and which is better?

By December 10, 2010


Project Denver puts Windows on Nvidia chips

Tiny ARM processors that power handheld devices will come to the Windows desktop. It's CISC (Intel) versus RISC (ARM) all over again.

By January 5, 2011


The factor factor, part 1

Ever wonder why new chip designs fail in the market, even though they offer real advantages? Or why others succeed in spite of serious disadvantages? It's apparently a secret. Part one of three.

By October 12, 2009


Intel's Tukwila slips yet again

The release of its next-generation Itanium processor, code-named Tukwila, has now been moved out to the first quarter of 2010.

By May 21, 2009


A 'post-x86 world'? Preposterous!

GigaOM makes some bizarre assertions. Intel and the x86 architecture are not seriously threatened by ARM processors and new kinds of computing devices.

By March 13, 2009


A brief history of chip fibs, flops: Intel, IBM, AMD

Even the biggest chip companies churn out their share of flops. But the hype that surrounds these chips is more fascinating than the failures.

By February 15, 2009


A brief history of chip hype--and flops (part 1)

This first installment in a series about silicon gone sour takes a look back at the Cyrix M1 and Intel's Itanium, as well as today's Barcelona from AMD.

By March 7, 2008


The Mac's best quality: software; Is RISC being overwhelmed by CISC?; more

The Mac's best quality: software; Is RISC being overwhelmed by CISC?; more

By February 19, 2003