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Dyson accuses Samsung of ripping off its vacuum cleaners

Shockingly, Samsung is involved in yet another patent battle, this time over the way its new vacuum cleaner steers.

By Sep. 10, 2013


'Glee' accused of ripping off indy YouTube singer

Jonathan Coulton is a little stunned that the teeny show seems to have created a version of "Baby Got Back" that comes back identically to his own version.

By Jan. 19, 2013


Sonos gets Murfie CD-ripping service support

Sonos has announced support for CD-ripping service Murfie enabling users to store a physical CD collection offsite and download or stream them online.

By Nov. 13, 2012


Apple accused of ripping off famous Swiss clock design

The iPad maker could be in hot water for reportedly using a trademarked design it does not own the rights to as part of its iOS 6 clock app.

By Sep. 20, 2012


CD and DVD ripping to be legalised in UK copyright reform

It's a triumph for common sense as the government takes on board a number of suggestions for reforming copyright and intellectual property law.

By Aug. 3, 2011


Copyright reform report calls to legalise DVD and CD ripping

The Digital Opportunities report hashed out by Professor Ian Hargreaves is published today, suggesting a number of measures to drag UK copyright law kicking and screaming into the digital age.

By May. 18, 2011


Today only: Free DVD-ripping software

Digitary's WinX DVD Ripper Platinum normally sells for $30, but you can get it free today from Giveaway of the Day. Just make sure you install it before midnight.

By Mar. 8, 2010


Ripping movies and shredding rules with FFmpeg

FFmpeg, an open-source multimedia project that makes it possible to convert video to different formats, takes the road less traveled, and it makes all the difference.

By Mar. 17, 2009


Episode 574: Ripping is stealing

When you rip your CDs, are you ripping off artists? Sony BMG says yes; yes, you are. Also, we talk with Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino.

By Oct. 3, 2007


DVD ripping goes legit with RealDVD

Real's RealDVD software lets you rip DVDs to your PC hard drive--legally--and watch them on up to 4 other PCs.

By Sep. 7, 2008