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Ballmer: We hope to sell 'a few million' Surface PCs in year

With Surface and now the acquisition of Perceptive Pixel, is Microsoft gearing up for total hardware domination?

By July 9, 2012


Microsoft transfers RoundTable camera to Polycom

Software maker says that it will stop selling the Microsoft Research-developed panoramic video camera and instead license the technology to Polycom.

By March 31, 2009


Microsoft's computer in the round

CNET News' Ina Fried gets an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft's Sphere surface computer.

By July 29, 2008


Redmond wants you to get the message

Tired of separate domains for e-mail, voice mail and IM? Microsoft's ready to move you to unified messaging. Photos: Microsoft's eye on videoconferencing

By June 25, 2006


Microsoft updates its office of the future

The future of information technology gets a face-lift from Microsoft's Center for Information Work. Photos: Microsoft's workplace of the future

By May 10, 2006


Microsoft touts communications services

An executive at the software giant talks up the new Live Meeting Web conferencing service and future technologies aimed at helping office workers share information.

By September 23, 2003


Microsoft explores office of the future

Multimonitor multitasking, 360 degree videoconferencing and other sci-fi goodies are being tested at the software giant's new Center For Information Work.

By September 26, 2002