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Is it 2008 again? Apple Rickrolls developers in iOS 6 changelog

The company included a link to a YouTube video in a mention of embedded URLs that directed people to the infamous Rick Astley clip.

By Aug. 7, 2012


MP3 DJ Doorbell: Rickroll your unsuspecting visitors

Store up to 10,000 songs in the MP3 DJ Doorbell, and you'll never have to listen to the same chime twice.

By Mar. 13, 2012


'Rickroll' protection hits Firefox in add-on form

Getting "Rickrolled" may no longer be in vogue, but it still happens. Now you can defend yourself with a simple browser extension.

By Sep. 24, 2010


YouTube gives up on original 'Rickroll'

Sometime recently, the Google-owned site pulled one of its most popular music videos over a copyright violation. Why now, when Rickrolling has been annoying us for years already?

By Feb. 24, 2010


New "Malicious" variant of the Rickrolling worm now available

Another iPhone worm similar to the "Rickrolling" malware has been found targeting users in the Netherlands.

By Nov. 23, 2009


Rickrolling iPhone worm is never gonna give you up

iPhones that have been "jailbroken" are potentially vulnerable to a worm that replaces the device's default wallpaper with, yes, a photo of pop singer Rick Astley.

By Nov. 8, 2009


Author of Rickrolling song says Google 'exploited' him

Pete Waterman, the man who co-authored "Never Gonna Give You Up," says the song's music video was viewed 150 million times but he made $16.

By Apr. 13, 2009


Thanksgiving parade gets a live 'Rickroll'

Pop singer Rick Astley surprises parade watchers with a performance of "Never Gonna Give You Up," one of the most popular Internet memes.

By Nov. 27, 2008


The 404 144: Where we just got Rickrolled, <i>f'real</i>

It's not easy doing a show after a trench-coated troubadour walks in with a pair of sunglasses on and starts to sing "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. A singing telegram...that's right, folks, we got a LIVE RICKROLL!

By Jul. 18, 2008


Buzz Report: The Rickroll must die

Buzz Report is taking matters into its own hands. Mark it: this is the day the Rickroll died at the hands of Molly Wood.

May. 21, 2008