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Epic Rap Battles: Jim Henson vs Stan Lee

The master of Muppets meets the main man at Marvel in the latest lyrical show down on the YouTube series "Epic Rap Battles of History." But will a wild card rap opponent steal the show?

By August 4, 2015


What's new on Netflix and Amazon for January 2015

Find out what stuff you should add to your watch list because these videos are either brand new or going offline very soon.

By December 25, 2014


Bitcoin nabob: Yes, there’s life after Mt. Gox (Q&A)

Bitcoin suffered a PR black eye with Mt. Gox's bankruptcy filing, but Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam says bad news for the few will translate into good news for the many.

By March 25, 2014


Big payoff in smart energy, says BT

Phone and broadband giant BT, one of the U.K.'s largest energy guzzlers, says it expects to cut its annual energy costs by $20.6 million after switching to smart meters and energy management systems at its U.K. facilities.

By November 10, 2011


BT's Ribbit releasing Google Voice competitor

The new telephony service for consumers promises to heat up the phone-number-in-the-cloud battle.

By November 3, 2009


Google Wave meets conference calls, with Ribbit

Ribbit's extension for Google's next-gen messaging app shows how the walls between text and voice can fall.

By September 29, 2009


Ribbit MP3 player--photos

Ribbit MP3 player is quite a bargain at $25 for 1GB and a handful of useful features.

4 Images By April 2, 2009


Salesforce names Rangaswami chief scientist

JP Rangaswami, the former chief scientist at BT, will take the same position at Salesforce.com. He'll contribute to product strategy and be an evangelist for cloud computing.

By November 24, 2010


BT launches Ribbit platform for developers

Four months after it bought Ribbit, BT is opening the software platform up to developers so they can build innovative telephony services and applications.

By November 17, 2008


Frog eggs could help robot noses sniff pollutants

Take specially treated frog eggs, inject some insect RNA, and stick the concoction up a robot's nose to give the bot a keen sense of smell.

By August 24, 2010