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Rhapsody for Android

The Rhapsody app is fantastic for listening to your favorite tracks on demand, but it's missing a few key features that desktop users readily enjoy.

By December 18, 2012

4.5 stars Editors' rating December 18, 2012

Rhapsody SongMatch for Android

SongMatch is an excellent download for existing Rhapsody subscribers. For others, SoundHound or Shazam would be better options.

By December 12, 2012

4.5 stars Editors' rating December 12, 2012

Music-streaming service Rhapsody to become Napster (CNET Update)

Is Napster still recognizable enough to bring in the subscribers? Rhapsody sure hopes so.

By June 15, 2016


Rhapsody launches a kids corner

It may sound childish, but Rhapsody's new section dedicated to kids sets the streaming-music service apart from bigger rivals like Apple Music and Spotify.

By September 30, 2015


Apple Watch gets a reboot. Is it time to hop on the bandwagon? (The 3:59, Ep. 62)

We also debate whether Napster is a better brand name than Rhapsody.

By June 15, 2016


Napster is coming back!

Music-streaming service Rhapsody plans to rebrand itself using an old familiar name.

By June 15, 2016


Remember Napster? It's coming back! Well, sort of

Former darling of file-swappers resurrected as name for Rhapsody's music-streaming service.

By June 14, 2016


Check out the final trailer for 'Suicide Squad'

The final trailer for "Suicide Squad" gives us a good look at the brains behind the operation, Viola Davis' Amanda Waller.

By July 18, 2016


Copy your playlist from one streaming service to another

Free service Soundiiz can help you make the move from, say, Rhapsody to Spotify. There's just one small caveat.

By June 8, 2016


Rdio launches cheap streaming-music tier...just like Rhapsody

Rdio unveils a $3.99-a-month plan that gives you infinite skips on Pandora-like radio stations plus 25 on-demand songs of your choosing. In other words: a riff on Rhapsody UnRadio.

By May 14, 2015