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Buzz Out Loud 734: Rev3 gets P2P poisoned

Revision3 goes down under a massive DDOS attack that apparently originated with a company that the entertainment industry hires to poison P2P wells. Nice.

By May 29, 2008


#OMGConan: The big Digg party Twitter hoax

Word begins spreading on Twitter like wildfire that Conan O'Brien was joining Internet TV network Revision3. But it was actually a hoax that hundreds participated in.

By March 13, 2010


Buzz Out Loud Podcast 1147: Mint-fried Quicken (SarcMark!)

Though Apple has officially announced an announcement, we don't know what it is. So we speculate anyway. Sue us. Will you pay $2 for a new character that indicates sarcasm?

By January 19, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 944: Natali needs a zombie team

We're not talking about a team of dancing zombies; we mean a team of friends to form her Zombie Preparedness task force. We also bring it with some open-source good news for DVR builders.

By April 2, 2009


Audio slideshow: Digg-ing Revision3

Internet TV network Revision3 is leveraging the Web's viral nature by chasing the latest memes and showcasing the best of geek-tech culture, including Digg favorites.

By February 13, 2009


The 404 277: Where it's too early for Veronica to podcast

Veronica Belmont of Revision3's Tekzilla and PlayStation's Qore rubs the sleep out of her eyes and joins us on today's show all the way from San Francisco.

By February 11, 2009


News.com Daily Podcast: Helping companies take green baby steps

Rev3 says it's nailed the culprit of DOS attacks that hit the site; Lenovo preps for the Olympics; and a marketing firm that's helping other companies get green.

By May 29, 2008


Revision3 hiccups, Veronica Belmont Twitters

Revision3 suffers temporary outage, prompting Veronica Belmont twitter and Valleywag report.

By May 27, 2008


Where we're still recovering from our special time with Julia Allison and Meghan Asha

It's like taking candy from a baby... a chocolate one... plus Earthworm Jim might be making a comeback, and got an STD? Cracked has a site for you. Oh yeah, and Brian Brushwood from Revision3's Scam School joins us.

By April 10, 2008