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When will retailers jump on the iBeacon bandwagon?

Push notification company Urban Airship hopes to make Apple's location-based system more relevant for retailers.

By Feb. 26, 2014


Facebook 'like' losing retailers' love

For brands, Pinterest's pin was more desirable than Facebook's "like" in 2013.

By Jan. 10, 2014


Xbox One totals 5M units sold to retailers worldwide

Following NPD Group's March video game sales report and a strong month for Xbox One exclusive Titanfall, Microsoft revealed that it has shipped 5 million units of its next-gen console.

By Apr. 17, 2014


More retailers reportedly victims of holiday data breaches

At least three other US retailers suffered unpublicized attacks similar to the one on Target, Reuters reports.

By Jan. 12, 2014


Retailers set to offer Bitcoin Black Friday deals

Several retailers have published deals exclusively for Bitcoin users, including GSM Nation, Cheapair, and Reddit.

By Nov. 27, 2013


Pinterest sticks its pins on retailers' Web sites

Retailers like Target, Zappos, and Walmart are now greeting shoppers with a selection of their most desirable pins.

By Nov. 14, 2013


Amazon makes play for small retailers with Kindle deal

The retailer will offer its Kindle to independent bookstores and small retailers at a discounted rate, or will give them 10 percent of book sales for two years.

By Nov. 6, 2013


Retailers enlist $1B worth of Call of Duty: Ghosts

Activision's sales of the game to retailers top $1 billion in just one day, but the announcement also indicates that $1 billion in sales to customers has yet to be reached.

By Nov. 6, 2013


Amazon pushes 'login and pay' option for Web retailers

The online retail giant wants other sites to integrate the new log-in feature, which lets customers sign in to their Amazon accounts and make purchases without entering new payment information.

By Oct. 8, 2013


HTC One hits retailers today

The device -- which CNET Reviews calls a "beautifully crafted, near-ideal smartphone" -- is available today through AT&T and Sprint as well as a variety of retailers.

By Apr. 19, 2013