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Scarcity triggers new restrictions on obtaining Internet addresses

The US and Canada are down to their last 16.7 million Net addresses with today's IPv4 Internet technology. Scarcity is pushing Internet service providers to the next-gen IPv6.

By Apr. 23, 2014


Watch Web videos without region restrictions

Unblock Web sites and enjoy faster Internet.

Aug. 9, 2013


Sony: 'We won't impose any restrictions on PS4 used games'

Countering Microsoft's murky message regarding used games on the Xbox One, Sony says it won't impose any restrictions on trading or selling used games.

By Jun. 10, 2013


Playboy hit with $160,000 fine over child restrictions

The U.K.'s Ofcom has charged with Playboy with failing "to protect children from potentially harmful pornographic material."

By Jan. 17, 2013


Windows RT lands with too many restrictions

Although Windows RT does showcase many of the best things about Windows 8, it also has limitations that its more full-featured sibling doesn't. Take a First Look at Microsoft's tablet version of the new Windows.

By Nov. 12, 2012


AT&T defends FaceTime restrictions amid sharp criticism

Consumer advocates have accused AT&T of violating FCC rules by requiring Apple FaceTime users to subscribe to the carrier's Mobile Share plans. In a blog post, AT&T defends its position.

By Aug. 22, 2012


SkyDrive content restrictions among the toughest in the cloud

Ambiguous policies and cross-service lockouts create a recipe for customer dissatisfaction with Microsoft's cloud storage service.

By Aug. 20, 2012


Developers slam Twitter's new restrictions on access

The relationship started well, but after six years it's soured, and social-media developers are crying foul after Twitter announced new restrictions this week.

By Aug. 18, 2012


Twitter ups restrictions on developers, seeks greater control

The company finally unveils the stricter API guidelines developers have been worried about and they were right to be concerned -- Twitter will now have more control over how many users an app can have.

By Aug. 16, 2012


Senate panel eyes Windows RT browser restrictions

The judiciary committee could start an antitrust investigation against Microsoft, after the company said IE 10 would be the only desktop browser in its upcoming tablet operating system.

By May. 14, 2012