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2016 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve

Nissan's second-generation Titan enters the full-size slugfest packing a stout diesel and a unique marketing position.

By May 2, 2016

MSRP: $35,290.00


Nikola Motor Company picks up 7,000 reservations for turbine-equipped electric semi truck cab

Maybe some of that money should go toward picking a more original company name.

By June 14, 2016


Even after some pruning, Tesla Model 3 reservation list is still YUGE

Despite dropping some 12,000 reservations, Tesla still sits on 373,000 orders for its most affordable car yet.

By May 19, 2016


Tesla attracts the masses with Model 3, logs 276,000 reservations

Demand for the freshly unveiled electric vehicle is off to a flying start. Now, Tesla will have to "rethink production planning," says CEO Elon Musk.

By April 4, 2016


Microsoft pushes into AI and Tesla fans rush to reserve Model 3

Bots and artificial intelligence are the next stage of apps for Microsoft. Also, the FBI's iPhone hack raises questions and Tesla sees massive preorders for a car that doesn't yet exist.

By April 2, 2016


Tesla's already received over 198,000 Model 3 reservations

At $1,000 a pop, that means the company banked more than $198 million in the course of a single day.

By April 1, 2016


An angry blog post cost one man his Tesla Model X reservation

After expressing his displeasure with a preview for the electric SUV, a man claims Tesla canceled his order.

By February 3, 2016


Reserve your Oculus Rift headset on January 6

Preorders for the virtual-reality headset will open later this week, but Oculus is still not saying exactly how much it will cost.

By January 4, 2016


Next-generation gaming PCs put to the test

These new desktops all feature powerful new Nvidia GeForce 1080 graphics cards for unmatched gaming and VR performance.

By July 17, 2016


Apple Watch can now be reserved for in-store purchase

Customers in the US, UK and elsewhere will no longer be restricted to ordering the watch online.

By June 17, 2015