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Hero to the Rescue - Iron Bird

The enemies have arrived and now its time for you the Hero to come to their rescue!Come fly the hero in this addicting game in which you need to...


Pigs in Space

In space, pigs fly!Piego Pig has been sent on a space mission to Planet Halloween. Help Piego save the planet with this fun set of mini games.*...


Rescuecom drops trademark suit against Google

After Best Buy sued Rescuecom for using the same advertising tactics Rescuecom decried in its suit against Google, the PC support company makes peace with Google.

By March 5, 2010


Rosetta Stone's Google trademark suit dismissed

Google has prevailed in another lawsuit over its policy of allowing advertisers that don't own certain trademarks to purchase AdWords ads generated by those trademarks.

By April 29, 2010


Google finally sued by makers of Finally Fast

Another lawsuit is pending over advertisers that bid on keywords involving trademarks they don't own, while also alleging Google has unfairly manipulated search results.

By July 2, 2009


Google hit with new lawsuit over ad keywords

Firepond is reviving the legal tussle over whether Google should be allowed to sell ad keywords that are trademarks of a company to its competitors.

By May 13, 2009


Google revises AdWords trademark policy

Search giant says it has modified its policy on trademarks appearing in keyword ads, allowing brand names to show up in AdWords copy.

By May 14, 2009


Google change could stir more advertiser angst

Policy reversal on trademarks in ad text could anger companies already sensitive about use of trademarks as search keywords, but could also allow retailers to make better ads.

By May 15, 2009


Court questions Zale's use of trademark in paid search text

Buying trademarked search keywords may not be illegal, but using the term in ad text generated by search may be, judge says.

By April 25, 2007


Daylight saving change proves thorny for businesses

As time change nears, some companies are still struggling to patch their computer systems.

By March 8, 2007


Week in review: Visions of Vista? Buyer beware

Microsoft's release of the consumer version of its new operating system raises the ultimate question: Was it worth the wait?

By February 2, 2007


Experts: Don't buy Vista for the security

New Microsoft operating system is a leap forward in security, but few people familiar with it say the advances justify an upgrade.

By January 30, 2007