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ReQall gets useful link to Evernote

Two good productivity apps for the iPhone get hitched.

By September 16, 2009


Forget-me-not helper ReQall launches pro service

Reminder service ReQall has a new service for "pro" users that brings tight ties with e-mail in-boxes, contact lists, and geo-location.

By March 25, 2009


Slideshow: New version of ReQall (iPhone version)

Here are screenshots from the latest version of ReQall. These are for the iPhone version only. The app is also available on other devices, including BlackBerry phones.

10 Images By March 25, 2009


ReQall's iPhone app saves brain cells, cell phone minutes

One of the most useful iPhone apps helps you remember all sorts of things using voice notes and transcription.

By July 23, 2008


ReQall 2.0: Now somewhat smarter

You speak, it remembers.

By March 5, 2008


reQall: Give your brain a rest, use your phone to remember

Don't like tapping memos into your phone's calendar or writing them on a piece of paper? Just speak into your phone then, you lazy person

By December 11, 2007


Tested: ReQall, aka Dictaphone 2.0

ReQall transcribes the notes you speak into it. It won't create Outlook tasks or appointments, though.

By February 12, 2007


ReQall: Tivo your brain?

ReQall lets you speak your thoughts into your phone, and plays them back when you want.

By January 31, 2007