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New study shows 88 percent of auto repair shops recycle tires

American drivers toss out more than 300 million tires each year. A new study shows that 88 percent of auto repair shops recycle the old tires.

By September 16, 2011


Nissan: EV battery repairs won't break the bank

Automotive News reports on Nissan's claim that battery repairs for the Leaf electric car would cost less than a thousand dollars, as only individual modules would need replacing.

By September 13, 2011


ScrewMats make for easy DIY iPhone repairs

The magnetic mats, now available on iFixit.com, offer an illustrated guide to tearing down an iPhone.

By July 26, 2011


Haynes taking its auto repair manuals online

Haynes, the well-known publisher of automotive repair manuals, moves from print to the Web, making its top 50 manuals available to home mechanics.

By June 23, 2011


CNET to the Rescue: Reuse, repair, and re-wire

Dong Ngo joins us to discuss how he re-wired his house for gigabit networking. Plus, your questions answered, including rescuing old laptops from evil malware, and stretching out battery life on a MacBook.

By May 4, 2011


Repairs ground Endeavour at least a week

Work to replace a suspect electrical distribution box in the shuttle Endeavour's engine compartment that triggered a scrub Friday will delay another launch attempt to Mother's Day at the earliest, NASA says.

By May 1, 2011


What needs fixing with Google Reader redesign

Google need not reverse its new Google+ mechanism for sharing Reader items, but the redesigned site needs other repairs.

By November 3, 2011


Operating a 30-megawatt solar farm from one PC

During a road trip to the Southwest, CNET visits the 30-megawatt San Luis Solar Plant, which will have only two people managing a giant field of 110,000 high-efficiency solar panels.

By November 9, 2011


iRobot CEO: enough with the gimmick 'bots (Q&A)

Instead of idolising R2-D2 and C-3PO, the world would be in much better shape if the robotics industry focused on solving real problems, even if they're mundane, ugly or dangerous, says iRobot CEO Colin Angle.

By November 8, 2011


Android phones fail more than iPhone, BlackBerry

A study has shown Android phones fail more often than iPhones, BlackBerrys, Windows Phones, and basically everything.

By November 3, 2011