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RepairPal now rates and reviews thousands of auto shops

Not a Yelp for auto shops, but rather an audited listing of repair shops that measure up.

By May 1, 2012


CNET to the Rescue: Tech tips for car buyers and owners

Car Tech's Wayne Cunningham joins us today with advice for new-car buyers. Also, smartphone apps for maintenance, parking, and gas buying. And of course your tech questions answered!

By September 22, 2010


RepairPal: Yes, your mechanic is ripping you off

New site gathers data on acceptable repair costs, as well as reviews of mechanics.

By June 12, 2008


Decipher your car's idiot light with CarMD

Updated automobile diagnostic tool also gets a refreshed Web service

By January 8, 2010


Monitor (and improve) your car's performance

If you're looking to monitor your car's performance or simply repair it yourself, you've come to the right place. We've found some apps that will help you do just that.

By July 15, 2009


Six killer iPhone freebies

Apple may charge an arm and a leg for iPhone service, but you can score some truly excellent apps without spending a penny.

By March 10, 2009


DriverSide building an all-encompassing portal for cars

Covering every aspect of auto economy is not an easy task.

By August 26, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 744: A date with Firefox

Firefox 3 comes out June 17, and that's all we have to say, except we hope it fixes Molly's Flash problems so she doesn't have to get a Mac. Or Opera.

By June 12, 2008