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Facebook removing ads from controversial Pages

The social network would prefer if advertisers' messages appeared only alongside brand-appropriate content, which means no more ads on Pages that hawk adult products.

By Jun. 28, 2013


DotCom's Mega removing legitimate files

The newly launched Mega, founded by MegaUpload's Kim DotCom, is taking down legal files, but the problem appears to lie with a third-party search engine.

By Jan. 31, 2013


TSA, bored of seeing you naked, removing airport body scanners

The Transport Security Administration says its techies have failed to create software that would allow passengers to appears less naked when going through scanners, so it is removing the devices.

By Jan. 19, 2013


Google tackles piracy by removing millions of URLs

A new Google report shows that piracy and copyright infringement are growing exponentially, with 1.2 million URL removal requests per month, and Microsoft seems to be a particular complainant.

By May. 24, 2012


Detecting and removing the Flashback malware in OS X

The Flashback Trojan's latest iterations have evolved to infect Macs in different ways, but there are methods to detect and remove them.

By Mar. 23, 2012


Brazil detains local Google chief for not removing YouTube videos

The Latin American country demands that the Web giant take down videos denigrating political candidates, as well as the anti-Islam film that sparked protests across the Middle East.

By Sep. 26, 2012


Removing the default games from Windows

Whether you want more hard disk space or you're an employer looking to remove unnecessary software from office computers, follow these steps to remove the default games.

By Sep. 6, 2011


Crab dinner inspires cancer-removing robot

Researchers in Singapore create a robot that can remove early-stage stomach cancer, and it's all thanks to a chili crab dinner.

By Feb. 3, 2012


Google sued for not removing ugly photo of Miami Heat owner

A photo showing minority owner Ranaan Katz with his tongue hanging out is now the matter of a lawsuit against Google and the blogger who originally posted it.

By Jun. 24, 2012


Removing ads from new Kindle costs $30

Not sure you want to buy a Kindle with Special Offers because of the ads? There's an easy way out--but it'll cost you.

By Oct. 6, 2011