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Google doodle hails the world's first Facebooker: Rembrandt

Rembrandt, the man who painted himself at least 90 times, would have been 407 today. So Google offers him due respect.

By July 15, 2013


Bluetooth for the Blue Period: Art and tech unite in MONA's gallery app

Australia's Museum of Old and New Art is renowned for its unique design, eccentric founder and provocative art. But at the centre of it all, MONA's greatest achievement has been in the technological realm.

By December 21, 2014


Geneva auto show's perfect storm of tech and exotica

This year's Geneva auto show was one for the record books, featuring rare supercars, concepts, important new models, and the debut of Apple CarPlay.

By March 10, 2014


Dead man sues Facebook over, well, quite a lot

A kind and thoughtful patent-holding company, acting on behalf of a dead Dutch programmer, believes that the concept of Facebook's Like button, as well as the concept of much of Facebook, was created by the Dutchman.

By February 11, 2013


Artistically censored Google Earth pix -- the Dutch way

Perhaps only the land of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Mondrian could censor Google Earth with such style.

By May 4, 2012


Crafty designer makes art out of chain-link fencing

Dutch designer Joep Verhoeven happened by a gashed chain-link fence that had been hastily wired up. Now his company Lace Fence makes fencing Vermeer would be proud of.

By February 24, 2012


Android 4's Roboto font: It's for humans, too

Google's Matias Duarte says Android's new system font should help loosen up its techie image. Too bad about the name.

By November 10, 2011


Strap yourself in to the Self-Portrait Machine

You no longer have to be a Michaelangelo or Rembrandt to paint great portraits, thanks to technology.

By July 7, 2009


With the Art Pad, all you need is a beret

Edit photos on a mouse pad

By January 20, 2007


Intel moves closer to your living room

After abandoning plan to offer LCOS chips, Intel purchases Oplus, an Israeli maker of chips that enhance television images.

By February 24, 2005