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Is Sonic the Hedgehog still relevant?

A new Sonic game is hitting store shelves and Don Reisinger wonders if anyone will actually care. Is Sonic still relevant?

By September 30, 2008


Radio stations: We're still relevant in the Internet age

Broadcasters launch public-relations campaign that may do little more than point out the industry's woes with iPods, the Internet, and a vanishing audience.

By April 16, 2008


OnStar attempts to stay relevant

OnStar announces two new services.

By April 3, 2008


Surf Canyon targets relevant results via browser extension

Start up launches browser add-on that helps refine results on major search engines.

By February 19, 2008


Marc Fleury to Apache: Get relevant

Do we really need all the Apache projects? No. But then, do we really need most of the open-source development we get?

By November 26, 2007


MuleSource goes CPAL, discusses the role of the Open Source Initiative and the relevance of GPLv3

MuleSource just went with the CPAL license, which changes little about the company but puts some uncertainty to rest.

By August 14, 2007


Phone owners: Instinct good, not great

CNET asked Samsung Instinct owners to give candid feedback on their phones. And boy, did they ever.

By October 2, 2008


Google's quest for the intelligent cloud

This month, the search giant is publishing a series by its top scientists on how they see the Internet evolving in the next 10 years.

By September 18, 2008


Search Cloud lets you hack keywords in Web searches

Search the cloud with a new search engine that lets you change the importance of various keywords by size.

By July 29, 2008


Yahoo! opens up its search to outside developers

Yahoo! just took a bold move toward making itself the center of the search universe.

By July 10, 2008