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Facebook fights for real-time relevance with embedded posts

The social network launches a new feature to remind the media that its 1.15 billion members can serve as sources for stories.

By Jul. 31, 2013


Every moment counts in Mozilla's bid for mobile relevance

An overhauled version of Firefox for Android could come shortly after January 31--or maybe six weeks later, a stretch in which Apple might sell 26 million iPhones and iPads.

By Jan. 25, 2012


For Google's AdWords, relevance takes time

Breaking news or a sudden surge in a search query can reveal a problem for Google: the system used to rank relevant ads can take hours to reach a conclusion.

By Jan. 31, 2011


Can Apple maintain iPod's relevance?

It's one of the many questions we have leading up to Wednesday's Apple music event. We look at what will happen to the iPod lineup, what's next for iTunes on the Web, and the chances of seeing an improved Apple TV.

By Aug. 30, 2010


Bing now taps user location, history for relevance

Bing now pulls up results that are relevant to a user's location, as well as changing the order of results to prioritize the sites users have already visited after running previous searches.

By Feb. 10, 2011


New and Noteworthy: Google's "relevance" in question; more

New and Noteworthy: Google's "relevance" in question; more

By Feb. 19, 2004


Microsoft's licensing cripples its relevance to the Amazon cloud

Microsoft is now a cloud vendor, but whether it can live in others' clouds may depend on whether it opens up its licensing.

By Nov. 11, 2008


Symantec's relevance in a Microsoft world

At the Gartner Symposium ITExpo in San Francisco, Symantec CEO John Thompson addresses past failures to innovate and defends Symantec's ability to compete with the Microsoft "monoculture."

Nov. 1, 2007


MuleSource goes CPAL, discusses the role of the Open Source Initiative and the relevance of GPLv3

MuleSource just went with the CPAL license, which changes little about the company but puts some uncertainty to rest.

By Aug. 14, 2007


The secret company behind Twitter's TV takeover

Mass Relevance puts Twitter in front of television audiences, boosting the social network's public profile and altering its perception as a place for more than pointless babble.

By Sep. 21, 2013