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Relaxing with a breakfast-maker

The Nostalgia Electrics BSET100 Retro Series 3-in-1 Breakfast Station combines a coffeemaker, a toaster, and a griddle into one appliance. The appliance hearkens back to a simpler time with its distinctive design.

By Sep. 22, 2011


Study: Relaxing video games make people 'kinder'

Researchers find that those who play relaxing video games for 20 minutes behave quite differently in the short-term than those who play violent video games for the same amount of time.

By Jun. 6, 2011


Apple may be relaxing on liquid-damage policies

Apple's policy on determining whether iPods have been subject to liquid damage appears to be relaxing a little, allowing for more discretion by the Apple Store employees in determining the cause of damage.

By Nov. 10, 2010


FCC has a relaxing Friday

Each week we take a look at the cell phones certified by the FCC and list them for you.

By Nov. 14, 2008


Vyro Games: A relaxing contest

Personal biosensor connects to a game on a mobile phone that is won by relaxing.

By Sep. 25, 2007


Are you Superman or Voldemort? Avatars may affect the real you

Researchers use chili and chocolate to determine how your virtual avatar may affect behavior after a game is over.

By Feb. 10, 2014


Don't fall for hot bots as Tinder invaded by malware

You may have the hots for a bot if you've swiped right on a malware-peddling profile in dating app Tinder.

By Apr. 3, 2014


PIP biosensor makes you relax to win games

The PIP biosensor and app system on Kickstarter encourages you to relax in order to get ahead in gaming.

By Jun. 17, 2013


Garmin sat-nav app finds its way to Sony Smart Watch 2

Set yourself a walking route on Garmin's sat-nav app and, if you have Sony's smartwatch, you can follow it on your wrist.

By Feb. 23, 2014


UFOs inspire design of Austrian mountain retreat

A village in the Tyrolean Alps now houses Ufogel, a vacation getaway that looks like a cross between an unidentified flying object and a space-age barn.

By Jan. 31, 2014