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Nvidia's latest graphics cards may have a VR-related issue

HTC Vive owners are struggling to get their headsets to work over DisplayPort connections with the new GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070.

By July 6, 2016


Audeze Sine, a world class audiophile headphone, for a (relatively) affordable price

Here's a spectacular sounding, made in the US headphone, what's not to like?

By May 7, 2016


CNET's Marvelathon: Watch every Avengers-related movie with us

This month, we're watching every single Marvel Cinematic Universe film (yes, even the one with Hulk). And we want you to join in.

By April 5, 2016


Every iPad- and iPhone-related thing you can expect at Apple's March 21 event (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Ep 30)

We prepare you for Apple's keynote; Apple wants to build its own cloud; and Siri understands Cookie Monster.

By March 18, 2016


Bloomberg believes better electric vehicles will cause another oil crisis, and relatively soon

Of course, the oil industry doesn't see eye to eye with the media in this instance.

By February 26, 2016


Woz says you can't trust government, denies Apple case is terrorism-related

Technically Incorrect: In an interview, the Apple co-founder staunchly defends Apple's position with respect to a court's order for the company to hack a phone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.

By February 18, 2016


Renault becomes latest subject of diesel-related investigations

The French automaker's stock price took a big dip after a series of police raids.

By January 14, 2016


iPhone 6S offers relatively carefree fixes, repair site says

The latest teardown treatment from gadget-repair site iFixit shows that both of the new iPhones aren't that difficult to repair, though the average user would leave that job up to the experts.

By September 25, 2015


It's not just PewDiePie -- game-related vids are big business

The YouTube star has grabbed headlines over his whopping income. But he's just part of the picture. Game-related videos made by fans and game firms alike are worth $3.8 billion worldwide, says a report.

By July 9, 2015


When black holes collide: Scientists find second set of gravitational waves

For the second time, scientists have detected gravitational waves emanating from a collision between two black holes.

By June 15, 2016