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This flatworm stabs itself in the head to reproduce

When some flatworms can't find a mate, a new study says, they reproduce in a way that will make you thank the god of your choice you're not a flatworm.

By July 2, 2015


Kia reincarnates the 2014 Soul at the New York auto show (pictures)

Kia's funky little hatchback gets a modest styling update and a major tech update at the 2013 New York auto show.

8 Images By March 27, 2013


Monument Valley: An interactive M.C. Escher print that will blow you away

The beautiful puzzle game -- out now for iOS devices -- is a visual expedition through bending perspectives and restrained artistic splendor that's as playful as it is haunting.

By April 4, 2014


Woz: Microsoft might have reincarnated Steve Jobs

Apple's co-founder says there's "no contest" between the prettiness of Windows Phones interfaces and those of Android phones. Indeed, he says Microsoft, to make them so pretty, might have had help from above.

By April 28, 2012


Free energy, edible slime -- and more offbeat crowdfunding ideas

Crowdfunding platforms can make unlikely, revolutionary notions fly or flop. Here are some of our recent favorites.

By September 4, 2013


House to amend CISPA in secret

As is with most cases, "classified information" is cited as the reason why the controversial "privacy killer" CISPA will be amended in secret. But it's OK; it's only people's privacy at risk here.

By April 5, 2013


Woz: Apple now 'somewhat behind'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak declares that when it comes to smartphone features, the company had better get smarter.

By February 7, 2013


Scary 'Star Wars' rumor: Disney to resurrect Darth Vader?

Darth Vader's death may be negotiable now that Disney is in charge of new "Star Wars" films. A sketchy rumor hints at a possible return of the famous Sith.

By November 15, 2012


Woz: Microsoft might be more creative than Apple

Having already worried that Microsoft had re-incarnated Steve Jobs, Apple's surviving co-founder now worries that Redmond might be simply more creative. He also offers that Steve Jobs didn't have to be such a "bastard."

By November 15, 2012


Woz: I hate the Apple-Samsung patent fight

Apple's co-founder doesn't think Apple had a case. He's excited about the iPhone 5, though. Specifically, about its camera.

By September 13, 2012