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Inside Gazelle's device rehab factory (pictures)

Here's what you don't see when you sell your used tablet, laptop or mobile phone to Gazelle.

9 Images By November 9, 2015


MIT 'Anklebot' gauges joint stiffness to improve rehab

The bot is an experimental rehabilitation tool that uses electrodes to calculate the ankle's stiffness in various directions.

By October 25, 2013


Correction: Candy Crush craze

The story has been edited to eliminate the mention of a rehab treatment program for Candy Crush Saga addicts. Contrary to what CNET was previously told and what was presented in a press release about the program, a representative for Addiction Treatment Limited now tells CNET that the program does not in fact exist.

By September 6, 2013


The science of ocean rescue and rehab (photos)

In a decommissioned Nike missile site just outside San Francisco, the Marine Mammal Center conducts research, treats animals, and dispenses biological info.

21 Images By July 30, 2011


Gaming glove may help stroke patients recover

Low-cost rehab glove uses video games to help stroke patients regain hand movement.

By April 28, 2011


CNET News Daily Podcast: Google tries to rehab its antitrust image

The search and online ad giant goes on campaign to prove it encourages competition within and outside the company.

By May 8, 2009


The 404 174: Where we reject labels

It's a sad day when David Duchovny checks into rehab for his addiction to lovemaking. We wish the X-Files star well on the road to recovery. We also wish the worst for Brett Ratner's desire to make a 'Guitar Hero' movie.

By August 29, 2008


Wii-habilitation, health games get $2 million study grant

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds research into how the Wii and other interactive games can improve the rehab of stroke victims or help ward off the freshman 15.

By May 29, 2008


Rehab and high-tech gab

Futurist Paul Saffo ruminates on conspiracy theories; Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer whoops and bellows onstage.

August 10, 2001