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Bringing tech jobs to Third World refugees

A nonprofit is helping small American companies make more money by outsourcing small tasks to workers in Kenyan refugee camps. The pay can triple what the workers were making before.

By October 14, 2009


Coghead refugees to Intuit or Caspio? Fat chance

Coghead's technology is going over to SAP. Its customers are getting the big kiss-off. This is not good for Web 2.0.

By February 19, 2009


Merry-Go-Round refugee? No, it's the Smart Car

It's stylish, fun and green. Will the Smart car be the next Mini Cooper?

By April 26, 2007


Digg rolls out 'very much a beta' RSS reader

The web- and iOS-based service, available starting today, is designed for the "Google Reader refugee" just days before the search giant's product shuts down.

By June 26, 2013


Mac OS 9 Refugee Manual, Part 1

Mac OS 9 Refugee Manual, Part 1

By July 21, 2003


Ericsson has big plans to connect the world (live blog)

At his CES keynote, Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg announces deals with a shipping company, a refugee nonprofit, and an MIT lab. Infrastructure is hard.

By January 10, 2012


Assange: Critics got lucky because NSA had no PR strategy

Though the WikiLeaks founder and critics like Edward Snowden were forced into exile, they took advantage of the previously-silent NSA's lack of experience at spinning public opinion, Assange told SXSW.

By March 8, 2014


NSA's warrantless surveillance gets a constitutional challenge

An accused terrorist and US resident becomes the first criminal defendant to legally confront the government for eavesdropping on his communications.

By January 29, 2014


NSA's UK partner targets German companies, says report

A new report out of Germany cites the Edward Snowden documents in saying that the GCHQ spied on German Internet companies. It also offers more info on US monitoring of Germany's chancellor.

By March 29, 2014


Warrantless surveillance law may face test in criminal case

Justice Department plans to use information gathered under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in prosecution of an accused terrorist.

By October 27, 2013