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Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is both fun and challenging with new characters and game dynamics that make it a worthy sequel, but watch out for in-app purchases.

By Jan. 24, 2014

4 stars Editor's rating Jan. 24, 2014

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Flickr for iOS

If you like browsing through an enormous amount of images or want a way to share your photography skills, the Flickr app for iOS offers better browsing and new filters to make your photos pop.

By Dec. 14, 2012

4 stars Editor's rating Dec. 14, 2012

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Apple iMac gets a refresh

Under the hood of the latest iMacs are Intel's quad-core Haswell processors, 802.11ac Wi-Fi capabilities, and faster flash storage options.

By Sep. 24, 2013


What is refresh rate?

What do 120Hz, 240Hz, 600Hz really mean for the picture quality of your new HDTV?

By Oct. 8, 2012


How to refresh your News Feed in Facebook Paper

Instead of waiting for Paper to automatically refresh your News Feed, you can use a gesture similar to pull-to-refresh to force it.

By Feb. 14, 2014


The HP Chromebook gets a refresh (pictures)

HP's second Chromebook is a $300 heavyweight.

6 Images By Sep. 19, 2013


YouTube for Android gets a refresh (pictures)

The new YouTube for Android app looks better and has added some big-time features, including picture-in-picture viewing.

5 Images By Aug. 20, 2013


Google+ gets a feature-packed refresh

Photo-editing tools, revamped Hangouts, and a gorgeous new stream are some of the standout features in the redesigned Google+.

By May. 20, 2013


Fake refresh rates: Is your TV really 120Hz?

In an effort to keep prices down and sales up, TV companies are pushing TVs with "fake" refresh rates. Know your terms and tech to make sure you're really getting what you think you're paying for.

By Aug. 19, 2013


Dell refresh of XPS 13 arrives with Apple in its sights

Dell started selling the refresh of its svelte MacBook Air rival: the XPS 13 with a touch screen. Dell also began selling another potential Air challenger: the XPS 11.

By Nov. 16, 2013