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Hack Attack: build a DIY reflector

Want to build your own photographic tools on the cheap? Look no further than Hack Attack, where this week we make a DIY reflector.

By August 6, 2012


Full-moon curse lifted? Looks like dusty mirrors are to blame

Researchers explain why reflectors left on the moon 40 years ago aren't cooperating when it comes to returning laser beams meant to measure the orb's distance from Earth.

By February 12, 2014


OS X Utilities Updates: XRay; PortReflector; more

OS X Utilities Updates: XRay; PortReflector; more

By October 4, 2001


Pocket Filmmaker: How to light smartphone videos like a pro

We look at a few ways to light videos when shooting with your camera phone, including using natural light, reflectors, or a portable and inexpensive light pack. We also examine which settings on your phone can help you get the best images possible.

By April 16, 2013


Skyline Solar cuts deal with auto parts supplier

Solar array manufacturer will employ sheet metal workers' expertise to build parts for its frames, racks, and reflectors.

By October 22, 2009


Logitech keyboard lights up the night

The Logitech Illuminated Keyboard features tiny "embedded microlens reflectors" underneath each key that help night owls, boogey monsters, and vampires make the most efficient use of their computer while they're out of the sun.

By September 23, 2008


Smart glasses show the road to take

During a demonstration at Nvidia's GTC developer conference, Mishor showed off augmented reality navigation on a pair of smart glasses.

By March 27, 2014


Tail Lights provide high visibility for your horse

A new Kickstarter campaign wants to give you tail lights for hazardous and low-light conditions -- to be worn on the tail of your horse.

By November 20, 2013