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My (fake) interview with Michael Cote of RedMonk

It would be great if I could just write fiction all day long and not bother with having a real job or writing a blog.

By April 2, 2008


Canonical survey: Ubuntu Server is mission-critical

Results of a survey by Ubuntu sponsor Canonical and analyst firm RedMonk say the Linux version is ready for the enterprise. Look out Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Novell.

By February 5, 2009


Tech analysts embrace Twitter for instant gratification

Twitter is now an analyst tool? 140 characters is all most people need anyway.

By July 31, 2008


I'm a guest on the IT Management Podcast this week

Making absurd technology predictions is more fun than pretending like you know what you are talking about.

By December 16, 2008


Zembly lets you create social apps for Facebook and more

It's a new breed of software as a service, allowing users to manipulate existing content on social networking sites.

By August 5, 2008


Forrester misunderstands its 'intellectual property'

Analysts who think their analysis becomes more valuable the less they give away miss a crucial point: the most valuable analysis is the live application of knowledge, not the packaging of it.

By February 10, 2010


How to switch to a Mac and live to tell about it

You will love your Mac even more once you get used to the way things operate.

By October 26, 2008


VMware and Red Hat: The war for the data center

The two companies used to be the best of friends, but the need to control the data center increasingly puts them at odds.

By May 6, 2010


Using Twitter to build your brand: Cool or creepy?

Twitter means you have to generate even more content and filter out more noise.

By July 17, 2008