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Google removes Maps redirect for Windows Phone

The company removes a blockage that prevented Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps on the mobile version of Internet Explorer. The redirect had caused a stir last week.

By Jan. 9, 2013


Tekzilla Daily: Redirect iTunes to your music library

If you don't use the iTunes Store, the arrows that show up in your library are useless. Or are they? On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you how to put them to use.

Oct. 24, 2008


Google+ Local hotel listings commandeered

For unknown reasons, more than 3,000 hotel Web site listings on Google+ Local now point to third-party booking sites.

By Jan. 14, 2014


Make use of the clipboard for OS X commands

OS X includes Terminal commands that can pipe and retrieve data from the clipboard.

By Oct. 10, 2013


Google to make Maps accessible to Windows Phone users

After stories suggested that rivalry, not technical issues, lay behind a Maps redirect that bumped IE mobile users to Google.com, company says "recent improvements" to IE mobile and Google Maps now provide better experience and Google will remove the redirect.

By Jan. 5, 2013


23andMe stops giving health analysis to new customers

Google-backed startup halts results in compliance with FDA demands but will continue to provide health-related information to customers who purchased the kits before the order was issued.

By Dec. 5, 2013


EU court: Go ahead and hyperlink. It's OK, really

Direct from the "common sense dept." at the European Court of Justice, it turns out linking to an online page or article does not require the permission of a copyright holder.

By Feb. 13, 2014


Get a refurbished Acer C710 Chromebook for $139.99

This is about as cheap as laptops get. But is it too limited to be of practical value? Not if you know what you're getting.

By Mar. 26, 2014


Yahoo users exposed to malware attack

Some users visiting Yahoo.com are redirected to sites armed with code that exploits vulnerabilities in Java and installs a variety of different malware.

By Jan. 4, 2014


NASA scientist: Slamming used asteroid into moon 'makes sense'

When we're done studying an abducted asteroid, one way to get rid of it could be to have it lose at a game of chicken with our largest satellite.

By Sep. 30, 2013