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Best Buy buy-back program could boost e-recycling

A buy-back program designed to allay tech buyers' concerns over product obsolescence will let people get money for bringing in older products or have them recycled.

By January 10, 2011


Is the PalmPad a recycled HP Slate?

Fox News says a leaked diagram shows the WebOS tablet HP is about to introduce at CES. Oddly enough, it's the same diagram HP was using for the HP Slate 500, a Windows 7 device introduced in October.

By December 21, 2010


Ford to use recycled clothes in next-gen Focus

Ford will use cotton from used blue jeans and other items in the new Focus as part of its drive to find creative eco-friendly materials.

By November 30, 2010


Electronics recycling: Dealing with skeletons in the closet

With America Recycles Day around the corner, here are some tips and things to consider when it comes to recycling electronics and e-waste.

By November 12, 2010


Ask Maggie: On disabling unwanted Android apps, recycling cell phones

This week's Ask Maggie tech advice column helps readers with questions about getting rid of unwanted Android apps, demystifying 3G connections, and how to recycle cell phones.

By October 29, 2010


Recyclable cars: What parts end up in the trash?

Which parts of your car end up as landfill?

By September 16, 2010


2011 Grand Jeep Cherokee swaps soy foam for recycled foam

Chrysler is replacing soy-based foam with recycled foam in its 2011 Grand Jeep Cherokee. Which is greener?

By August 30, 2010


2011 Ford Explorer going green with 85 percent recyclable material

The 2011 Ford Explorer is 85 percent recyclable with the use of bio foam and recycled fabric in its interior, as well as recycled steel in select exterior parts.

By August 6, 2010


Energy Dept. funds CO2 recycling, 'solar fuels'

Part of a stimulus plan, the Energy Department creates a California-based "innovation hub" for artificial photosynthesis and funds tests to use waste CO2 in building materials and plastics.

By July 23, 2010


Rare-earth metal recycling needed to power green tech

Recycling of specialty metals used in hybrid batteries, LED lights, and solar panels will help ensure future supply and save energy, a U.N. report says.

By May 17, 2010