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'Recycling speaker' is better left in the bin

Bird Electron's gadget is designed to fit in the iPod's original box.

By January 23, 2008


Target tests electronics 'recycling' program

Retailer has been offering discounted pre-owned TVs, video players, game consoles, and iPods on its Web site since last month.

By November 20, 2007


Kodak and Wal-Mart join forces to recycle

Kodak and Wal-Mart just announced a plan to recycle millions of pounds of material from Kodak photo kiosks.

By February 28, 2008


Recycle a USB drive, plant a tree

ATP debuts the "world's first bio-recyclable USB drive."

By January 16, 2008


Panasonic, Sharp, and Toshiba launch tech recycling company

Top TV makers have formed a recycling company to handle tech waste and comply with changing state laws.

By January 7, 2008


Nokia 3110 Evolve: Nokia gets recycling

Nokia isn't just talking green, it's walking green by making its phones more eco-friendly, starting with the 3110 Evolve. Our earth-loving sister site SmartPlanet explains

By December 6, 2007


Laptop bags recycle soda bottles, old news

Plastic bottles, cardboard, and yesterday's news find new life in novel laptop bags.

By November 30, 2007


Office regime: Print, recycle, repeat

Printing documents and tossing them out almost immediately is a common ritual in the workplace--one that's not so environmentally friendly.

By October 4, 2007


Recycling bath water for the lawn

Australian company Perpetual Water is bringing its gray-water recycling system to the U.S.

By September 24, 2007


Dell rolls out e-waste recycling for small businesses

Dell will wipe the data clean before recycling small companies' computers and gadgets.

By September 19, 2007