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Google tests game-mechanics strategies with Recyclebank

Its Google Analytics product will be testing a new beta in partnership with eco-rewards company Recyclebank, as a means of testing the limits and promises of "gamification."

By April 6, 2011


Cash in trash: RecycleBank gets hefty funding

Recycling isn't normally considered a big money-maker, but a Philadelphia start-up gives customers points to encourage them to recycle--and its business model is catching on.

By April 15, 2008


Green news harvest: Parsing the EPA new coal plant decision

Making wind power at U.K. coal mines. Will Google's Dan Reicher be the next energy secretary? Taking the renewable energy industry's pulse in a downturn.

By November 17, 2008


How best to make digital gadgets greener?

The consumer electronics and IT industries are trying to go green. But what constitutes a "greener gadget" is still a work in progress.

By March 4, 2009