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U.S. says Kim DotCom swore not to recreate MegaUpload

DotCom is about to start another cloud locker service. The U.S. Attorney notes that DotCom said under oath he would not restart the business.

By Nov. 1, 2012


Virtual monkeys recreate Shakespeare? Methinks not

Tackling the infinite monkey theorum, a programmer says he's recreated Shakespeare through random typing. It's a great idea, but the claim is too grand.

By Sep. 26, 2011


Buick engineers recreate the world's toughest roads

Engineers for Buick test new vehicles on 3D digital representations of some tough roads.

By Oct. 15, 2010


Recreate trash folders to fix trash problems

Trash problems may periodically crop up for OS X users, mainly because of permissions issues that prevent a user either from accessing files in the the trash folder, or from accessing the folder itself.

By Dec. 7, 2009


Norton AntiVirus and MYOB conflict; Symantec cannot recreate it

Norton AntiVirus and MYOB conflict; Symantec cannot recreate it

By Sep. 23, 1998


Items disappear from the Dock -- recreate account

Some users have run into a problem where applications refuse to stay in the

By Jul. 22, 2008


This Mac screensaver mimics the familiar iOS 7 lock screen

Want to add a bit more of iOS 7's look and feel to your Mac? Look no further than this free screensaver.

By Jan. 16, 2014


Lego remakes popular ads and makes whole ad break Lego-only

In a fascinating stunt in the UK, Lego recreates four ads in Lego and then runs them back-to-back to promote "The Lego Movie."

By Feb. 10, 2014


Striking light paintings created by drone

Strapping a few lights to a drone and then taking a long-exposure photograph can create works of surprising artistry.

By Mar. 11, 2014


Cheese made from human toe jam, belly-button bacteria

If you're not prone to queasiness, then go ahead and read about artisanal cheeses crafted by scientists from the nose, toe, mouth, and belly-button bacteria of notable people.

By Nov. 21, 2013