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Stop getting video recommendations from YouTube for Android

There's a new notification setting in the YouTube for Android app that lets you toggle whether the app recommends videos based on your viewing history.

By February 17, 2016


FAA drone task force recommends registration for pilots, not individual drones

If the FAA accepts the task force recommendations, registration will be mandatory prior to the operation of any UAS weighing more than half a pound.

By November 23, 2015


Fallout 4 PC minimum and recommended PC specs confirmed

Bethesda also reveals how much space you'll need on consoles, and when the game unlocks.

By October 7, 2015


4 tips for buying a used iPhone

Buying a used iPhone can be tricky -- here's what to watch out for.

By July 8, 2016


FBI: Hillary Clinton's email mishandling doesn't warrant criminal charges

But Clinton and her State Department colleagues were "extremely careless" in handling classified information in a personal email system, says FBI Director James Comey.

By July 5, 2016


Tesla adds solar to its portfolio through SolarCity acquisition

In what Elon Musk termed a "no-brainer," Tesla Motors has made an offer to acquire solar panel installer SolarCity.

By June 21, 2016


Dine like the 'Orange is the New Black' inmates at Singapore cafeteria

You can dine on the infamous Nutraloaf and wash it down with a refreshing glass of water, but this pop-up eatery is open for two days only.

By June 10, 2016


Use Goodreads to find good deals on e-books

Amazon's book-management tool can now alert you when a book goes on sale.

By May 19, 2016


YouTube gets better at watching you

The video site improves its recommendation engine, with hopes of getting us to watch even more.

By April 26, 2016


Ford walks away the winner in new IIHS pickup crash tests

Only the 2016 Ford F-150 earned the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Top Safety Pick recommendation, besting several other competitors.

By April 11, 2016