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The Trendnet Powerline 500 AV2 is an easy powerline recommendation

It's our lucky day! CNET editor Dong Ngo spoils us all with this super easy to use, fast, and affordable Powerline 500 AV2 kit from Trendnet. Yeah, sometimes he's nice like that.

By Mar. 6, 2014


StumbleUpon makes first buy: video recommendation app 5by

Anticipating high demand around video consumption on smartphones, the company has purchased little-known startup, which plans to launch mobile apps later this year.

By Sep. 24, 2013


Is Jybe the recommendation app Yelp should be?

Built by longtime Web search veterans, the new iPhone app is built around pointing users to things--meals, movies, books, and more--that are highly tailored to their interests.

By Mar. 27, 2012


Nanocrowd: A new kind of movie recommendation engine

It looks like word salad, but Nanocrowd's movie recommendation system is both unique and very good.

By Dec. 21, 2011


Google gobbles up restaurant recommendation app Alfred

The Web giant picks up Clever Sense, maker of Alfred, a butler-like app that uses artificial intelligence to help customers find restaurants.

By Dec. 13, 2011


eBay acts on Hunch to get recommendation engine

The online auction site says the acquisition will let it use Hunch's technology to make the shopping and selling experience a bit better for its customers.

By Nov. 21, 2011


Top 5 concert recommendation sites (screenshots)

CNET's Donald Bell evaluates five Web sites that provide personalized local concert recommendations based on your iTunes, Facebook, Last.fm, Slacker, or Pandora listening habits.

5 Images By May. 5, 2011


Smartphone-friendly Sennheiser headphones earn CNET recommendation

There are plenty of headphones out there--noise-canceling, in-ear, circumaural, etc...but if all you're looking for is an inexpensive, durable, all-around performer that won't isolate you from the outside world, we highly recommend the $89 Sennheiser PX 100-IIi headphones.

By Apr. 1, 2011