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White House says it won't direct FCC to reclassify broadband

Obama administration says it supports a free and open Internet but doesn't have the authority to tell the FCC what to do.

By February 18, 2014


State of Decay reclassified as R18+

The zombie survival game has received approval from the Classification Board for sale in Australia.

By July 11, 2013


Reality check on 'reclassifying' broadband

The legally explosive concept of regulating Net access under Title II is one for Congress to handle (and reject), argues Stanford Law Fellow Larry Downes.

By April 19, 2010


FAQ: The FCC's plan to reclassify broadband

This FAQ helps decipher what the FCC's latest move to reassert its legal authority really means.

By May 6, 2010


Lawmakers oppose FCC plan to reassert Net authority

Congressional leaders say FCC needs to put aside a plan to reclassify broadband services and let lawmakers rewrite the nation's telecom laws.

By May 28, 2010


What's in a title? For broadband, it's Oz vs. Kansas

A push by Net neutrality advocates to reclassify ISPs as telecommunications providers has dangerous implications, argues Stanford Law Fellow Larry Downes.

By March 11, 2010


Mozilla: We have a fix for Net neutrality

A proposal to the FCC puts a new twist on the old idea of “reclassifying” broadband traffic to ensure that the new Net neutrality rules will stick.

By May 5, 2014


FCC Chairman clarifies 'Net Neutrality' view after backlash

Chairman Tom Wheeler says there has been misinformation about the FCC's proposed plan and insists his intent is to continue protecting the consumer.

By April 24, 2014


FCC to rewrite Net neutrality rules

The FCC's chairman says the agency won't challenge a federal appeals court decision to throw out its Open Internet rules and will instead take another crack at writing new regulations.

By February 19, 2014


Grassroots efforts to save Net neutrality may be working

Activists have already swayed debate over the FCC's proposed rules. Now they plan to show up at FCC headquarters Thursday for the agency's meeting.

By May 12, 2014