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NASA vet weighs in on 'Gravity': 'Spectacular realism'

Mark Uhran, a 28-year NASA veteran with the International Space Station, outlines his thoughts on "Gravity," the terrifyingly realistic new film about free drifting in space starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

By October 4, 2013


Music label seeks realism in iTunes guitar app

Universal becomes first major label to design its own simulated guitar-playing video game, Six String, debuting Wednesday on iTunes App Store.

By March 16, 2010


Apple files patent to provide 3D realism

Company has filed a patent for technology that would allow objects on-screen to interact with the user's real environment. Objects will even move to reflect the user's position.

By December 17, 2009


Visual effects shoot for realism in explosive 'Terminator Salvation'

Director McG and the filmmakers behind T4 turned to ILM to make even the hardest sequences in their movie look like they were shot in real life.

By May 25, 2009


EA ramps up the realism in Need for Speed: Shift

CNET Car Tech had an opportunity to play a preview build of Need for Speed: Shift.

By March 4, 2009


Disruptive Realism

Associate Creative Director Dave Hoffer has coined a new term: Disruptive Realism. After discussing some examples in this video, he was inspired to elaborate.

By November 13, 2008


Realism creeping into venture capital calculations

At the opening of a new VC office, free sushi and free advice.

By October 6, 2008


Jorge Luis Borges, pioneer of hypertext fiction, celebrated by Google

Author Jorge Luis Borges, the pioneer of magic realism and hypertext fiction, is celebrated by Google today.

By August 24, 2011


Air Swimmer RC balloons let you fly your own fish

Unlike RC blimps and other flying mechanical toys, these Mylar balloons add realism and movement with moving fins that swish back and forth to propel the fish through the air.

By August 15, 2011