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Twitter yanks US spy agencies' access to real-time alerts tool

It's not thrilled by the prospect of US intelligence types using a data miner to rifle through user tweets without limit, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By May 9, 2016


Allo is Google's answer to Facebook Messenger

Powered by Google's machine learning algorithms, Allo is a messaging app that also helps you find answers.

By May 18, 2016


Get social now!

Several blog posts this week, combined, pinpoint what are arguably the two most influential trajectories for the impact of communication technologies on business these days: from real-time web to real-time business, and from social media to social busines

By June 28, 2009


Real-time communications get more real

Three major vendors will demonstrate technology next week that may put the "real" in real-time Internet communications.

By March 29, 1996


Commerce One unveils e-commerce tool

Commerce One announced the public version of its Commerce One Collaborative Procurement application tool, which combines the company's online purchasing applications with real-time information exchange tools. The product will enable collaborative communication throughout the transaction process, including interactive order changes and management, as well as a means for suppliers to provide shipping and invoice details to the buyer. Collaborative Procurement also allows companies to monitor contractor time and expense costs, and manage bidding processes. Pricing for the product was not released.

June 22, 2001


France Telecom to invest in IM developer

Webb Interactive Services, owner of instant messaging company Jabber.com, says it has secured $7 million in funding from France Telecom Technologies (FTT) in exchange for a 23 percent stake. In addition, an FTT representative will join Jabber.com's board. FTT, a subsidiary of France Telecom, has licensed Jabber.com's technology for six months. Jabber.com CEO Rob Baigley said in a statement that investment is part of a move toward "providing real-time communication solutions across a broad range of applications, services and devices."

May 9, 2001


Short Take: PeopleSoft completes merger with Vantive

PeopleSoft said it has completed its $433 million merger with Vantive, a developer of customer relationship management (CRM) software. The deal was completed on Dec. 31, 1999, with the issuance of approximately 28 million shares of common stock and options to purchase common stock. Pleasanton, Calif.-based PeopleSoft said Vantive's software was integrated with its business management software earlier this year, allowing real-time communication of customer information between Vantive and PeopleSoft applications.

January 4, 2000


Games may improve online communication

Supporters of real-time communications on the Internet may have found a new ally in fans of online multiplayer games in trying to overcome a critical technological hurdle.

By May 17, 1996


Video, data communications get real

The Internet moved a step closer today toward real-time communications like video and data conferencing with technology unveiled by two start-up companies at the Internet and Electronic Commerce Conference in New York.

By March 26, 1996


Short Take: Intel brings the PC to the automobile

Intel wants to bring the PC to the automobile. Intel will work with the automotive, computer, consumer electronics, and communication industries to develop Pentium processor-based computing platforms. This will allow drivers and passengers to navigate, receive real-time traffic reports and weather forecasts, place and receive telephone calls, and send and receive email and faxes, according to the company. Intel plans to hold the first in-car computing and communications developers' conference in 1997.

By October 18, 1996