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'Re-Mission' is a video game with a vital purpose

HopeLab is a nonprofit that creates innovative products with a health-improvement target goal, like video game 'Re-Mission', which has been shown to improve the attitude and healthy behaviors of teens with cancer.

By January 9, 2008


Study finds online gamers aren't anti-social basement dwellers -- they're highly social

After observing the behaviors of thousands of gamers, with a focus on MMORPGs, researchers conclude that loners are the outliers, not the norm.

By March 28, 2014


Video gaming boosts certain brain regions, study says

Play more video games. Researchers put Super Mario 64 to the test on a small sample of gamers and find it increases gray matter in some areas of the brain.

By November 5, 2013


Seniors who play video games less likely to be depressed

Researchers at North Carolina State University find that playing video games may help older adults feel more positive.

By March 5, 2013


Gaming can inspire healthy behavior, study shows

Researchers out of Stanford and HopeLab find that Re-Mission, a video game that involves killing cancer cells, activates parts of the brain involved in motivation.

By March 20, 2012


Using game mechanics to solve health care problems

The same tools video game designers use to guide players through games can be harnessed to improve healthcare delivery.

By May 3, 2011


Casual games help disabled, survey says

Study concludes that disabled gamers play puzzles, trivia, and arcade games more often--and reap benefits such as stress relief and distraction from ailments.

By June 11, 2008


CES 2008: Highlights of the day

The Consumer Electronics Show is on in full force in Las Vegas. Here are just some of Wednesday's highlights from the giant gadget show.

By January 9, 2008