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NuCaptcha takes on Google's ReCaptcha

Can't read your way past the humans-only gateway on that Web site? NuCaptcha has a filter that's easier for you, harder for robots.

By August 11, 2011


Google acquires ReCaptcha as book-scanning aid

Google's massive book-scanning project could produce more accurate results with ReCaptcha, a twist on the captcha-style log-in screens found on many Web sites.

By September 16, 2009


ReCaptcha: Reusing your 'wasted' time online

Those online vision tests aren't just a way to tell human from bot. They're also helping rejuvenate old books and newspapers.

By July 16, 2008


Captcha T-shirt from Crusher knows if you're human

Captchas got you down? This T-shirt is bringing us up.

By October 2, 2007


ReCaptcha: The smartest way to deal with something annoying

Turn annoyances into good with ReCaptcha, the distributed captcha project.

By May 24, 2007


Snapchat now makes sure you're a real person

The photo-sharing site offers a new twist to the standard captcha to ensure you're not a bot looking to harvest user information.

By January 22, 2014


The 'I hate passwords' guide

Until a safer, saner alternative is available, we're stuck with an insecure, outdated authentication technique. Here's how to make the best of a bad situation while we wait for services to get serious about verifying identities.

By April 29, 2014


Four men charged in computerized online ticket scam

Group is accused of operating a network of computers that bought up the best seats at events and re-sold them, allegedly making more than $25 million in profits.

By March 1, 2010


Deter phishing attacks by consolidating your contacts

If you forward your Web mail messages to your ISP mail account, you can delete all your Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo Mail contacts and rely solely on your ISP account's address book.

By May 31, 2013


Delete accounts in Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live

It takes only a few clicks to delete an account on the most popular Web services, although Facebook gives you the option to put an account on ice and reactivate it later.

By December 14, 2010