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NuCaptcha takes on Google's ReCaptcha

Can't read your way past the humans-only gateway on that Web site? NuCaptcha has a filter that's easier for you, harder for robots.

By August 11, 2011


Google acquires ReCaptcha as book-scanning aid

Google's massive book-scanning project could produce more accurate results with ReCaptcha, a twist on the captcha-style log-in screens found on many Web sites.

By September 16, 2009


ReCaptcha: Reusing your 'wasted' time online

Those online vision tests aren't just a way to tell human from bot. They're also helping rejuvenate old books and newspapers.

By July 16, 2008


ReCaptcha: The smartest way to deal with something annoying

Turn annoyances into good with ReCaptcha, the distributed captcha project.

By May 24, 2007