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Raptr's Instagram-like service lets gamers preserve their special moments

Plays.tv, which launches to the public Tuesday, gives players a destination for their best game highlights.

By March 31, 2015


Gaming social network Raptr hits 6 million users

Raptr has also raised an additional $15 million, led by DAG Ventures and Tenaya Capital. It now has $27 million in funding.

By February 10, 2011


Skyrim beats out Modern Warfare 3 as most-played game

But Modern Warfare 3 was able to take top honors as the most-played shooter game in 2011, says gaming network Raptr.

By December 9, 2011


Viacom sells Xfire game service to Titan Gaming

Game chat and discovery service Xfire has been sold to another gaming company, and most of the development team have left as a result.

By August 2, 2010


Dennis Fong's Raptr is innovative gamer social community

Raptr allows gamers to keep very good track of their own gamer statistics, as well as those of their friends, and also keep any games they have up to date with the latest downloads, patches and so forth.

By February 22, 2008


Social networks for gamers: Where to connect

If you're a gamer, you might be surprised to know that there are a variety of social networks for people like you. There's no better way to connect with other gamers.

By June 8, 2009


Report: EA buys Shawn Fanning's Rupture for $30 million

After years known mostly for creating Napster, Fanning may finally have hit the financial jackpot.

By May 8, 2008