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Giant Rancor ready to bite Star Wars Celebration VI

A replica of Rancor, one of the most fearsome creatures of "Star Wars," has been created in time for a massive fan gathering.

By August 9, 2012


How to build a life-size 'Star Wars' Rancor (pictures)

Get close up and personal with the 14-foot-tall "Star Wars" beast that will make its big debut later this month at the Star Wars Celebration VI convention in Orlando, Fla.

9 Images By August 9, 2012


This week in Crave: The Mars-struck edition

This week, we couldn't keep our eyes off the first images from Curiosity -- or one of the guys in NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Also, a life-size Rancor? Color us scared.

By August 11, 2012


Apple-Adobe rancor to result in lawsuit?

Sources tell IT World that Adobe is gearing up to sue Apple as the bad blood over Flash heads toward the boiling point.

By April 14, 2010


Oracle gets its way, finally

A year and a half of rancor, posturing and courtroom testimony comes to an end as PeopleSoft agrees to be acquired.

By December 15, 2004


Privacy jam on California highway

A Web site that posts photos of carpool lane violators is taken offline after drawing rancor from critics.

By May 13, 2004


Behind the turmoil on HP's board

Walter Hewlett missed an important July meeting where the proposal to merge with Compaq was discussed--an absence that indicates a rancor within the board that has been festering for months.

By November 12, 2001