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Alibaba rakes in $5.75B in online sales in just one day

As far as Internet shopping goes, the Chinese holiday Singles' Day makes the US' Cyber Monday look like child's play.

By November 11, 2013


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 rakes in $500 million in first 24 hours

Activision says the debut is the biggest entertainment launch of the year for the fourth consecutive year.

By November 16, 2012


Angry Birds maker rakes in the revenue

Rovio, the company behind the hit-the-pigs game, says it generated $106.3 million in revenue and posted a $67.6 million profit on the franchise in 2011.

By May 7, 2012


Apple's Newsstand raking in $70K a day, study says

According to a new study, Apple's storefront for newspapers and magazines earned about $70,000 a day during February.

By March 27, 2012


Trash-to-fuel outfit Enerkem rakes in $60 million

Fuel refiner Valero joins Enerkem as a strategic investor with money to finance construction of a garbage-to-ethanol plants.

By June 1, 2011


Apple stores raking in revenue

The engine behind the second-quarter surge was the iPad, which had people flocking to the stores, where they spent heavily.

By August 5, 2010


Microsoft and Novell: We're raking in business

The two software makers say they have signed more than 100 joint customers in the past six months.

By June 10, 2009


A tale of solar panels, snow, and roof rakes

Solar panels and snow don't mix, as CNET News' senior writer Martin LaMonica learned. But with a new tool and a little effort, his home solar-power system is back at full steam.

By February 6, 2009


Ausra rakes in $60.6 million for solar thermal tech

The solar thermal start-up aims to complete a 5-megawatt plant in central California and invest in research and development.

By October 1, 2008


Yahoo to rake in $1 billion from Google ads? Doubtful

It looks like Yahoo's deal to use Google search ads is much more limited than one scenario in which it would supposedly generate $1 billion in cash for Yahoo.

By May 7, 2008