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Samsung Radiant360 R3

Samsung has replaced its Shape mulitroom speakers with a new range of 360-degree models.

By October 2, 2015


Radiant Player, a Google Music player for your Mac

With a new name and features, this standalone app is a must for Mac-owning Google Music users.

By May 15, 2014


Radiant heat cooktops are safer

If you're like me, you've had an accident or two with a hot burner and something flammable. But the Electric Cooktop uses radiant heat, making for a safer cooking surface.

By June 4, 2008


Radiant soars on Microsoft deal

March 2, 2000


Short take: Radiant Systems to post loss

Radiant Systems said its revenues would total about $19 million--a figure that falls short of previous estimates. The Atlanta-based maker of retailing software estimated that it would lose between 8 cents and 10 cents per share due to the lower revenues, and that it would experience higher operating costs due to higher-than-expected product development and administrative expenses.

July 6, 1998