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Beats Buster: Blue Mo-Fi headphones

Blue's Mo-Fi headphone looks and feels like nothing else, but what about the sound?

By September 24, 2014


A ride with Horacio Pagani in his Zonda S 7.3

While I was interviewing Horacio Pagani he offered me a go in his very own Zonda. Who was I to say no to not only more face time with the man himself, but a go in the ride he chose to keep?

By February 3, 2014


Sneak a peek at the cars of the 2012 LA Auto Show

The 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show is just around the corner. We take a moment to look ahead at some of the rides we expect to see.

By November 16, 2012


Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid racecar coming to Atlanta

Porsche announces that the 911 GT3 R Hybrid Racecar will run at the American Le Mans series finale, "Petit Le Mans," Oct. 2, 2010, at Road Atlanta.

By July 23, 2010


Citroen mulls building electric racecar (concept car Friday)

It's deja vu all over again as Citroen announces intentions to produce the electric Survolt racing concept, albeit in limited quantities.

By July 16, 2010


From auto show to test track, check out the Porsche 918 RSR

Web video of the Porsche 918 RSR on a test track. Porsche unveiled the high-performance hybrid last week at the 2011 Detroit auto show.

By January 17, 2011


The Evora: Lotus' larger sports car

CNET Car Tech gets drive time on the track and public roads in the 2010 Lotus Evora.

By August 17, 2010


Luge star's death leads to Olympic course change

The death of Nodar Kumaritashvili leads to a last-minute decision to lower the start, drop two curves, and shorten the run in order to lower the speed on the track.

By February 13, 2010


Milka Duno tests ARCA stock car at Daytona

Milka Duno becomes first Hispanic woman to test for ARCA Racing during the company's event that took place on December 19, 2009 at Daytona Speedway.

By December 28, 2009


The real top 10 sports twitterers

It is easy to rank the top twitterers by the number of followers they have. But why would you do that? This list is all about quality. Nothing else. Just quality.

By May 18, 2009