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Trojan masquerades as I.R.S. e-mail

E-mail supposedly from the I.R.S. hides a malicious attached file.

By May 31, 2007


R2-D2 soon to be taking over neighborhoods, eating mail deliveries

I hope none of my tax dollars went into this.

By March 9, 2007


Utilities Updates: Macromedia Flash Player X�7.0r14; Mail.app Conduit�0.4.7; Epson Stylus Color 3000�1.7a; more

Utilities Updates: Macromedia Flash Player X 7.0r14; Mail.app Conduit 0.4.7; Epson Stylus Color 3000 1.7a; more

By September 10, 2003


Can the NSA look at your e-mail?

Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., asked Yahoo spokesman and general\r\ncounsel Michael Callahan whether the NSA has access to the e-mail of\r\nprivate American citizens. Hear the discussion exchanged during the\r\nHouse sub-committee's hearing on Internet security and censorship in\r\nChina.\r\n

November 1, 2007


Kickstarter stuffed with food projects thanks to potato-salad success

One man's quest to crowdfund a potato salad has turned into a tidal wave of food-related Kickstarter campaigns with low funding goals. Bacon cupcakes, anyone?

By July 7, 2014


Google cheers growing support for ECPA reform

Years after Google first began raising concerns about the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the tech titan's efforts to get Congress to care might be bearing fruit.

By June 18, 2014


Nissan to build production Juke-R supercars

Because of high interest in the high-powered concept Juke-R, and firm offers for three of the cars, Nissan says it will build a very limited run of its Juke/GT-R mashup.

By May 3, 2012


Apple suggests another way to combat spam

Outlined in a newly published patent filing, Apple's solution would require a more automated approach to disposable e-mail addresses.

By February 13, 2014


Fighting Yahoo's China policies

Reporters Without Borders challenges Yahoo execs at the company's Silicon Valley headquarters on Monday. The issue: data Yahoo released to police in China. The activists brought with them video filmed in Beijing of Mo Shaoping, a lawyer for the dissidents, and of the unnamed brother of a Yahoo Mail user sent to prison based on information given the Chinese government by Yahoo, according\r\nto Reporters Without Borders.

November 1, 2007


Drive a rover and support sci-fi game Extrasolar expansion on Kickstarter

The glamour of science without the work! It's your chance to control a Mars rover, but on an alien world and for a possibly shady scientific organization. Season 1 is completed (and free).

By September 8, 2014