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An insider's view on Red Hat's Qumranet acquisition

Billy Marshall has much to say in favor or Red Hat's Qumranet acquisition, which is saying something.

By September 8, 2008


Red Hat's RHEL 6 beta drops Xen

First beta of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 replaces the Xen hypervisor with the Kernel-based Virtual Machine from Qumranet, which Red Hat bought in '08.

By April 23, 2010


If Novell gets bought, will Red Hat follow?

Novell's proposed acquisition will likely drive Red Hat into the arms of VMware or Oracle, but will have minimal impact on the larger open-source commercial ecosystem.

By March 8, 2010


Open-source acquisitions: What's the holdup?

Acquisitions of open-source companies have garnered huge multiples but haven't rounded out many product portfolios. Exit plans are hazy for most open-source start-ups.

By January 7, 2010


Qumranet reveals reason for all that KVM work

Surprise! The KVM open-source virtualization software is at the foundation of a desktop virtualization software start-up's business.

By September 25, 2007


Red Hat debuts virtualization management

With the release of RHEV-M, Red Hat has begun to plug one of the most significant holes in its product portfolio.

By November 3, 2009


Red Hat testing virtualization lineup

Tests of new virtualization products based on Qumranet's KVM hypervisor are the next stage in development of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization lineup.

By June 18, 2009


Exploring cloud interoperability, part 1

This spring has seen an explosion of activity around cloud-computing interoperability. What exactly is cloud interoperability, and who are some of the major players in this market making capability?

By May 2, 2009


Q&A: Xen, the start-up in Citrix clothing

Ian Pratt, vice president of special products, discusses the competitiveness of Xen and about the prospects for virtualization in a recession.

By October 30, 2008


Microsoft's virtualization landgrab exposes VMware vulnerability

Microsoft is taking a big chunk of VMware's market share, indicating that the door may be open for open-source vendors like Red Hat too.

By October 17, 2008