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Stream your media libraries to your iDevice with Quik.io

If you have a music or movie collection that won't fit on your iPhone or iPad, this free app makes everything available on demand.

By July 12, 2013


Is it ever OK to use the much-derided selfie stick? I argue yes

Selfie sticks are often seen as either handy photographic tools or signs of rampant narcissism in popular culture. But there's plenty of room for both viewpoints, argues Crave's Amanda Kooser.

By January 22, 2015


The 404 906: Where Qwikster delivers the booty (podcast)

Tune into The 404 Podcast today for the latest headlines, including Netflix splitting into two companies, PS3 users helping to find a cure for AIDS, a giant satellite plunging toward Earth, and a review of the interactive theater experience "Sleep No More!"

By September 19, 2011


CES: Quick Pod allows hands-free calling, photo taking with phone

Designed for smartphones and digital cameras, the Quick Pod can attach to any tripod to let people talk, make video calls, and snap photos without having to hold the device in their hands.

By January 6, 2011


'Quik Pod' now handles SLRs, no less dorky

It's still a long pole that you can perch your camera on.

By December 3, 2007


Five inexpensive ways to end blurry snapshots

A little stabilization can make all the difference when you're trying to get a blur-free photo and these mini tripods will get you there.

By December 14, 2009


Quik Pod: The world's first tripod that isn't

This unbelievably innovative device (my words) enables you to take self portraits without the help of strangers (their words) and capture a moment when you don't want anyone else there (also their words)

By March 9, 2007


Buzz Out Loud 703: No doughnuts, no peace

If Flickr's not buying doughnuts for the world, then Tom's not buying. But he's in San Francisco, so he won't have to buy his own doughnut anyway. It's a doughnut paradox.

By April 15, 2008


CES Notebook: Tales from the show floor

Three hours of show floor wandering covers only a fraction of the trade show's booth space, but yields a few insights, a few laughs, and a decent massage.

By January 9, 2008


Self-portraiture for the friendless

'Quik Pod' lets you take photos of yourself from a short distance

By December 7, 2006