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Jelli's crowd-sourced radio opens up to the U.S., Australia

Jelli.net is one of the more interesting Web radio services around, due mostly to the fact that its crowd-sourced playlist will now be playing in terrestrial FM radio stations too.

By October 19, 2009


Printer queue staying in the Dock after printing

When users print to some printers, Mac OS X will launch the printer queue and driver software to manage the print job. This application will open in the Dock and, in some cases, get stuck there. This results in users having to manually quit the printer qu

By October 28, 2008


Cloud computing and the big rethink: Part 5

There are tremendous technical and market pressures toward "downsizing" the traditional server operating system and "virtual machine." What does that portend for the future of computing and IT as a profession?

By October 19, 2009


Spotify lets you buy 7digital MP3s without leaving the app

You can now buy DRM-free MP3s from 7digital without leaving Spotify. We tried it out, buying Lily Allen tracks so you don't have to

By October 15, 2009


Leonard Maltin Movie Guide packs 24,000 films in your iPhone

I laughed! I cried! I got a little miffed by the pokey search engine. But ultimately, I loved this interactive, Netflix-friendly movie guide, which blows the print version out of the water.

By October 14, 2009


HP ushers in third wave of TouchSmart desktop all-in-ones

Just in time for our upcoming CNET holiday gift guide, HP has announced the third upgrade to its line of TouchSmart PCs.

By October 12, 2009


Apple releases Epson Driver update; how to change printer drivers

Apple has released an update to the Epson printer drivers for OS X 10.6.1 Snow Leopard. Here are also some tips that may help people get older printers and scanners running in OS X.

By October 10, 2009


FeedFliks shows if you are a Netflix hog

FeedFliks leverages Netflix's API to tell you when you've had a movie out too long, what your cost per movie is, and how to optimize your queue.

By September 24, 2009


Cloud computing and the big rethink: Part 3

After exploring the role that changing infrastructure is having on the importance of traditional operating systems and virtual servers, it's time to look at the most powerful force in the cloud computing galaxy: the developer.

By October 7, 2009


BOL 1075: One laptop per felon

Or perhaps we should call it OLPC. One laptop per criminal. The idea of letting prisoners use computers is good, but fraught with peril. Also, we start a new PSA campaign where Billy learns that e-mail can be dangerous. And that's one to grow on.

By October 1, 2009