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Getting bored with Ingress? But wait, now there's more

Niantic adds more levels and in-game tools to Ingress in a bid to keep people playing its popular augmented geography game.

By May 8, 2014


Apple dealt another blow in ITC spat with Motorola

In a new ruling today, the U.S. International Trade Commission said Apple's violating one of Motorola's patents in its iPhones and iPads.

By April 24, 2012


Motorola sues Apple over iPhone 4S, iCloud

Motorola loads a new legal volley against Apple with a suit that claims Apple's iPhone 4S and iCloud infringes on six of its patents.

By January 25, 2012


SOPA backers: It's needed to take down The Pirate Bay

An alternative to the Stop Online Piracy Act called the OPEN Act wouldn't block overseas Web sites such as The Pirate Bay and would be ineffective in curbing piracy, SOPA's supporters are warning.

By December 14, 2011


Free-trade pacts export U.S. copyright controls

Agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea also specify that citizens can choose computer applications of their choice, but "subject to the needs of law enforcement."

By October 14, 2011


Raising the stakes in social gaming

What does it mean when big tech companies are going nuts over game manufacturers that let people build virtual farms? Well, things start to get a little bit nutty, that's for sure.

By July 28, 2010


AP, AHN Media settle intellectual property lawsuit

All Headline News admits to improperly using AP content in settlement of intellectual property lawsuit involving "hot news."

By July 13, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 918: The incredible, edible car

Within 15 years, cars will be made of seaweed. But will they be edible? That's your next task, auto industry. We also make book recommendations, give medical advice, and generally just try to help. Oh, and we talk about exploding donut factories.

By February 25, 2009


Dads, lolcats and the digital divide

My dad's idea of a good time when he was a kid was pushing a tyre around the playground with a stick -- our playground is virtual and endless, and our sticks are our keyboards

By April 21, 2008


ICANN may be looking for immunity from U.S. law

blog Recent report for ICANN suggests the organization could become largely immune from civil lawsuits, police searches and taxes.

By April 3, 2007