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Twitter beware -- Instagram's the really hot property

Twitter and Instagram appeal to the same audience and are used by a similar percentage of online adults, says a new Pew Research survey.

By December 30, 2013


Correction: Dismal voter turnout may doom Facebook's quasi-democracy

The earlier number indicating the number of votes still needed was incorrect. The vote is short 299.4 million.

By December 10, 2012


Dismal voter turnout may doom Facebook's quasi-democracy

Facebook will abolish users' ability to veto its policy changes unless 300 million people cast a vote. Without a huge spike before today's noon deadline, user voting rights are history.

By December 10, 2012


Kim Dotcom wins access to seized property from 2012 raid

The Megaupload founder wins his case after a court finds that the warrants used to raid his home were illegal.

By May 31, 2013


Is protecting intellectual property from cyberthieves futile?

Experts gathering to discuss intellectual-property theft say that a fix will require the application of economic sanctions, not just more technology.

By May 23, 2013


Dyson on patents and intellectual property

Sitting down with CNET Australia, Sir James Dyson shares his strongly held views on the importance of patents and intellectual property rights.

By March 3, 2013


Andy Rubin: Why Android is only quasi-open

Google keeps tight control over Android and its source code--especially with Honeycomb. Android's leader says it's to ward off compatibility problems.

By May 11, 2011


Property rights for spectrum makes more sense all the time

Recent moves by the FCC underscore the impossible task of a federal regulatory agency trying to keep pace with technological change and consumer demand. There's a better approach.

By March 22, 2012


Sony was hacked for 'trying to protect its property', CEO Stringer complains

Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer has said the company was targeted by hackers for trying to protect its intellectual property. Stringer was also asked to step down as CEO.

By June 28, 2011


Quasi-MMS Solutions for the iPhone Appear

More than two years after the original iPhone's announcement, and the lack of MMS (multimedia messaging) support still constitutes the most lamented feature deart--aside from, perhaps, copy and paste--on the device.

By February 12, 2009