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Piper Jaffray: 500,000 iPhones sold over the weekend

A quantitative estimate of Apple's weekend iPhone sales has been released, surpassing some of the more optimistic analysts last week.

By July 1, 2007


Google grab bag: Blurry faces and more

Google makes Trends more quantitative, blurs all Street View faces, encourages citizen journalism on YouTube, and looks to be adding PDF support to Docs.

By June 12, 2008


Green gambling, but don't let this guy run your numbers

Thomas Friedman visited a wind farm near the East Asian gambling capital, Macao. But his rhetoric outsizes his quantitative skills in setting up another "dichotomy" in a "flat" world.

By August 31, 2008


Google advertisers get view into keyword search popularity

Advertisers bidding for Google keywords now can see how often people actually search using those terms. That's smart: advertisers love quantitative analysis.

By July 9, 2008


Portable, handheld DNA sequencer no bigger than a brick

Researchers at the University of Otago, New Zealand have invented a brick-sized, battery-powered DNA sequencer for field use.

By August 26, 2014


Stanford scientists 'eavesdrop' on the human brain

A new method of recording brain activity affords scientists unprecedented monitoring -- and yes, it involves temporarily removing a portion of a patient's skull to insert packets of electrodes.

By October 15, 2013


Microsoft is cooler than it used to be, say half of those polled

Half of the people between 18 and 29 polled by Reuters/Ipsos say the software giant is cooler now.

By February 21, 2013


Apple: Samsung should pay us $2.191B for infringement

An expert hired by Apple says he reached the amount based on the scale, time span, rivalry between the companies, and belief the patents covered technologies that helped Samsung gain users.

By April 8, 2014


Apple rests case vs. Samsung after expert makes pitch on damages

The company wrapped up its witness testimony after several experts and executives said Apple should receive $2.19 billion from Samsung.

By April 8, 2014


Rush Limbaugh: iPad great tool in fighting global warming 'hoax'

After a 13-year-old boy calls in to say he has found proof in his local library that man-made global warming is a hoax, the famed radio host sends him an iPad, as its portability will prove useful in the boy's crusade.

By April 5, 2013