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Calculate the strain between two sets of unit-cell parameters.

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Ray Tools: Polynomial Equations

Understanding polynomial equations (equations with multiple x to the power of components) can be daunting but this program simplifies...

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The new optimizations for capability computing

The new Top500 list of the world's largest supercomputers suggests that "commodity clusters" for high-performance computing aren't so commodity after all.

By November 19, 2009


InfiniBand eight years later

The tech once touted as a faster and more efficient way to connect to servers may not have lived up to early promises, but it's got a solid niche.

By September 17, 2008


The Italian stylings of the Sky-Y aerial drone

Alenia Aeronautica hopes to get a foothold in the UAV market--and save gas with carbon fiber and diesel propulsion technologies.

By October 17, 2007


Quadrics adds lower-end supercomputer switch

The company, which sells networking gear to link lower-end machines into a cluster that acts like a single high-performance computer, starts selling its newest technology to smaller customers.

By June 2, 2004


Chinese supercomputer headed to top ranks

A Chinese computer, using a cluster approach that sidesteps trade barriers against the spread of supercomputing technology, is expected to rank high on the next list of fastest machines.

By June 3, 2004


Makers of white-box supercomputers hit their stride

The growing popularity of Linux is making smaller companies such as Linux Networx, California Digital and Optimus household names among buyers of supercomputers.

By May 10, 2004


Cray buys into AMD supercomputing

The supercomputer specialist announces a multimillion-dollar deal to acquire OctigaBay, which makes cluster machines based on AMD's Opteron chip--a boost for the processor.

By February 26, 2004


IBM, Corning look into supercomputer optics

The Energy Department awards IBM and Corning $20 million to develop high-speed-connection hardware for supercomputers.

By November 4, 2003


HP plugs Itanium server gap

Hewlett-Packard filled in an important gap in its Itanium server line Monday, releasing models that accommodate eight and 16 of the high-end Intel processors.

By November 3, 2003